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This Tattoo Artist Draws Rihanna on her Skin Using Fenty Beauty Line Products

With the introduction of her Fenty line back in September, Rihanna has released additional beauty formulas – including the Mademoiselle lipsticks. The idea that there is “a color for everyone” sits at the forefront of her new products.

In order to honor the beauty line, or even just Rihanna herself, Alena Wedderburn, a Prague-based tattoo artist has been set on creating a series of Rihanna-portraits on her own skin.

Wedderburn, or as her Instagram followers know her – “kiss_my_airs,” is a former competitive skier who turned to architecture and design by age 17, resulting in her enrollment in a Czech Republic art school. The artist said: “For some reason I wanted to try tattooing, which worked out for me; I was tattooing in local tattoo shop in Prague.”

Rihanna has been a source of inspiration for Wedderburn’s work. Back in 2013, the two met during Rihanna’s world tour in Amsterdam. When describing their meeting, Wedderburn explained: “It was an experience of a lifetime for me…she is so unbelievably humble and down to earth.” Naturally, soon after, Rihanna began to follow her on Instagram.

The artist explained:

I started drawing with makeup two years ago…I was pretty much playing around with makeup and started drawing on my leg, and it came out pretty good.

Oh, it did! Check out these posts and be amazed on Wedderburn’s skills across mediums:



Hear her choice of background music?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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