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Taylor Swift Swiftly Creates Taylor Swift-Themed Social Network

CREDIT: Mert & Marcus

A new mobile social media app entitled “The Swift Life” will soon be released, and no, it is not about premature ejaculation, but rather, pop superstar Taylor Swift.

Users of The Swift Life can expect to receive exclusive pictures and videos straight from Taylor herself, as well as other “Taylor stuff,” like Taymojis and stickers. And guess what? Taylor can see, like, and comment on everything!

This strikes me as less a social network and more a singularly focused place of worship. I guess the potential to interact with other Swiftheads makes this social network-y enough for the moniker to be acceptable, but it still feels like “fan site” (or “fan app,” as it were) would be a more apt description.

Anyway, if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you may want to keep an eye on The Swift Life dropping later in 2017.

[via Mashable]

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