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Taylor Swift Testifies at DJ Mueller Groping Trial

Taylor Swift took the stand today as part of her ongoing trial with radio DJ David Mueller. In 2013, Swift accused Mueller of sexual assault at a meet-and-greet by groping her. Swift’s accusation caused Mueller to be fired and now he is suing her. Swift responded with a countersue. Her countersue of $1 million will go towards ” “charitable organizations dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard” should she win.

While on stand Swift said this, “Mueller’s hand stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek as I moved away from him visibly uncomfortable.” She added that it was a “definite grab.” She went into detail explaining how he lifted her skirt to grope her: “It was a very shocking thing that I have never dealt with before. He grabbed my ass underneath my skirt. It was underneath my skirt.”

After their photo op, Swift thanked Mueller AND HIS GIRLFRIEND for attending, before moving on to meet fans. That’s right Mueller grabbed Swift’s ass while his girlfriend was next to the two of them.

Look where his hand is! Look where his girlfriend is!! Scum!!!

When Mueller was on stand he made his case saying,

“I’m looking at the photographer and I tried to get my right hand, you know, behind Taylor, because [Mueller’s girlfriend] Shannon [Melcher] was on the other side… My other hand was, I think, was just on my belt or on my pocket. I’ve got my hand closed and my palm down and I reach behind, toward Taylor… Our hands touched and our arms crossed. That’s all I remember.”

Yeah, nice try bud.

Gabriel McFarland, Mueller’s attorney said that she could have taken a break after the incident. Swift retorted back saying, “and your client could have taken a normal photo with me.”



[via Vulture]

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