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Team USA Luger Emily Sweeney Miraculously Walked Away From a Serious Crash

Luge is easily one of the most dangerous of the Winter Olympic sports. I mean, they’re zooming down a windy course of pure ice at speeds sometimes reaching over 80 miles per hour, meaning that a crash could easily result in instant death or paralysis.

These were the concerns brought up after American luger Emily Sweeney skidded out of control during her run on Tuesday, crashing into the walls on the 9th turn, eventually falling off her luge and tumbling down the rest of the course.

Amazingly, Sweeney managed to get up and walk off the course on her own, suffering only a few bruises. Considering the fact that she was flying down the course at 60 mph and ran into the wall at a completely perpendicular angle, the fact that she walked away more or less unharmed is astounding. She was further evaluated by Olympic doctors who formally confirmed that there nothing substantially wrong with her.

Sweeney is beyond fortunate to have gotten off the course unscathed, as this could have easily ended in tragedy. Hopefully we won’t see anymore similar crashes over the next couple of weeks; other people might not be so lucky.

[via CBS Sports]

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