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‘TED Talk Gorilla’ Is The Best Gorilla Meme Circulating the Internet Since Harambe

Nothing will ever top how the internet reacted to Harambe, the memes and tributes were seemingly never ending, but this one comes pretty close. Two new gorillas have come to take the meme crown from Harambe, even though its impossible.

The dancing Dallas Zoo gorilla had its own 15-minutes of fame, but the LA Zoo “TED talk” gorilla has had a lasting impression on people who create memes for our enjoyment. The photo itself is of a gorilla who looks like he is giving a lecture to the gawking humans taking pictures.

The internet exploded with thousands of memes of the”TED talk gorilla,” so lets rehash some good ones.

Despit all of these amazing new memes to laugh at and create, we still remember the O.G. Harambe in all of his glory; RIP.

[via BroBible]

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