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‘Tekken 7’ Is Introducing a New Character from 1991 and He Looks Awesome

Geese Howard, a character from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series, will be introduced as the new character for Tekken 7 as part of new DLC.

Here is what the original Geese Howard looks like in his early days:

Tekken players and gamers are freaking out over the reveal of this new character. While some Tekken fans wanted an original character, the company behind the game thought this would be an exciting announcement, giving players a new character to master.

This is not the first time fighting games have used cross-platform or cross-game character introductions. Games like Mortal Kombat, Fight Night, and League of Legends have used this idea in order to give their users something to get excited about.

While most Tekken fans are excited, there are still groups that are a bit more dissapointed. Both parties took to Twitter to express their feelings on the new character.

But like I said, not everyone is too happy.

Either way, Tekken released Geese’s official video, and everyone seemed pretty hype on the new character.

You can hear the cheers as fans mimic his moves, sounds, and lines. There is plenty to look forward to for Tekken fans, and this just adds to the list. Along with how cool the character is, the video is worth giving a watch.

Here is the video released by Tekken showing game play, story mode, and all his incredible fighting moves:

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