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Tesla Unveiled Their New Semi Truck and It’s Awesome

Tesla is once again showing us why it’s on the forefront of electric automotive technology with its brand new Tesla Semi, which was unveiled by Elon Musk on Wednesday outside of Los Angeles.

Here are some quick details about this big-ass new electric semi truck:

  • It can reach 500 miles on one charge
  • There’s no transmission
  • No giant motor
  • No clutch
  • No after-treatments or differentials

During the unveiling, Musk indicated that the truck won’t break down for “a million” miles and that its brake pads will function “forever.” Musk also said that all of the glass on the semi is “thermonuclear explosion-proof,” and told the audience that he would refund any customers whose trucks didn’t survive a nuclear explosion. This hyperbole has become somewhat expected of Elon Musk when he unveils new products, but those are still some pretty huge claims.

The trucks will be able to charge at “Megachargers” located anywhere where trucks unload cargo. According to Musk, a 30-minute charge can add up to 400 miles to the distance a Tesla Semi can travel, which works out perfectly because truck drivers are required to take at least 30 minutes when they’re on break anyway. The battery is located inside the truck’s chassis, which provides extra protection for the power source as well as for the general wellbeing of the car.

Inside the cabin, the steering wheel is placed right at the center of the windshield, which is a huge departure from the normal structure of a truck’s cabin as they have almost always featured steering wheels on one side or the other. The cabin also has about 7 feet of standing room and lots of storage space, but no passenger seats.

Finally, the Tesla Semi is will come along with the company’s signature Enhanced Autopilot mode, allowing for automatic braking, steering, ability to stay in one’s lane. All of this seems super, super cool.

Production on the trucks is set to start at some point in 2019 and, although Tesla has yet to reveal what they make cost, those who are interested can set down their reservations immediately.

[via Mashable]

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