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A Texas Rookie Quarterback Gave his First Paycheck to Harvey Recovery

In September, Hurricane Harvey devastated a large portion of Texas, leaving residents homeless after record flooding.

Deshaun Watson is a rookie for the NFL Texans team, and he, along with teammate J.J. Watt, are going above and beyond in relief for hurricane recovery. Watt raised a large amount of money via fundraiser through his Twitter, and Watson donated his first paycheck to cafeteria employees who work in the stadium where the Texans play.

The employees lost their homes due to the hurricane, and were extremely surprised at Watson’s generous donation. Each check valued about $9,100, and he gave away three of them.

Efforts like those by Watt and Watson are needed in times of destruction, and they truly represent the American spirit by helping their community and fellow citizens.

Watch the video here:

[via Mashable]

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