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The 25 Types of Sex Women Actually Want to Have


The one things that truly bothers me … at times, is when people thing women aren’t as sexual as men. Yeah, sure. We’re probably more horny and sexual than men will ever be. That’s just fact. And we want it … a lot. Like all the time. Personally, I like kinky sex. Like down and dirty sex where you feel things you’ve never feel better. That’s what I want most of the time that is.

However, there are a lot of different types of sex. And yes, you should offer your women all of them at one point or another. So, just in case you’re wondering, here are the 25 types of sex woman actually want to have:

  1. Nice sex, like the kind that starts with slow kisses and cuddling.

  2. Surprise sex in public.

  3. Passionate sex when someone calls us beautiful.

  4. Rough sex when someone calls us a dirty slut.

  5. Sex with multiple orgasms.

  6. Sex where we feel completely empowering.

  7. Dominating sex.

  8. Completely inappropriate sex somewhere we shouldn’t even be having it.

  9. Sex in the bath tub.

  10. Sex in the shower.

  11. Sex anywhere but the bed.

  12. Sex with shit tons of foreplay.

  13. Sex where’s there’s no foreplay at all, like the down and dirt kind.

  14. Sex with sex toys.

  15. Sex that has an insane amount of tension leading up to it.

  16. Sex where you just can’t keep your hands off each other.

  17. Sex where he does all the damn work.

  18. Sex when it’s all about her.

  19. The kind of sex that you use for your highlight reel.

  20. Sex where you don’t have to fake it.

  21. One night stand kind of sex.

  22. Straight animalistic sex. Raw.

  23. Sensual sex that makes us feel things.

  24. Sex on the beach. Yeah, we like that sometimes.

  25. Basically just all kinds of sex.

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