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The 5 Best Movies to Watch During “Netflix and Chill”

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“Netflix and Chill” is a way of courting a possible partner in this day and age. The ritual consists of a device to stream Netflix on, preferably a laptop so you can set up your viewing in bed, two people, and a chance of some type of sexual advances being made.

So one of the main ingredients for a successful “Netflix and Chill” session is, of course, the movie. First off, already having a movie in mind skips the whole trying to search the whole page for a good movie (though have a backup just in case your date has already watched your plan A movie.) Your movie choice will not only set the mood, but will also provide an idea of your taste in film, and it’s a bonus if your date ends up liking the movie.

Now I’ve saved you the time of picking and choosing movies by listing the top 5 “Netflix and Chill” movies below. These are movies that are fun to watch, are not too romantic, and will have you two sharing a couple of laughs that will help break the ice. And to step your game up you might also want to order some pizza or get some popcorn to impress your date even more.

Moonrise Kingdom

In 1965 on the small island of New Penzance, an island off the coast of New England, where nothing ever seems to happen, drama begins to unfold in the tiny island community. When two 12-year-olds, Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward), fall in love and run away, it sends the island into a frenzy as everyone is on a mission to find the two lovebirds. This movie is visually stunning, easy to follow, and is entertaining all at the same time; it’s definitely a safe pick.

50 First Dates

This a classic romantic comedy that has a great balance of humor and gushy romance to set the mood. A marine biologist, Henry (Adam Sandler), falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore), a girl with short-term memory loss, who can never remember what happened the day before. Thus Henry’s determination to get the girl of his dreams leads to the two going on 50 first dates.

The Incredible Jessica James

In this Netflix original comedy an aspiring playwright (Jessica Williams) who just got out of a relationship bonds with a divorcee (Chris O’Dowd) whom her best friend sets her up with. At first the two bond as friends and only later on does romance come into the picture.

Sausage Party

This animated movie brings our food to life, and it is about what happens when our groceries find out what happens to them after they leave the supermarket. Now just because it’s animated, don’t assume it’s for kids, because it’s definitely not for kids. But a funny movie like this will be great at breaking the ice between you two.

The Grand Budapest Hotel 

This movie is about a European ski resort hotel that was popular during the 1930s and was presided over by the concierge Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes). Zero (Tony Revolori) is the hotel’s lobby boy and Gustave’s protégé and later on, friend. Gustave is an exemplary example of amazing hotel service. He makes sure all of his guests are taken care of, and even goes the extra mile to satisfy the sexual needs of his elderly female guests. But when one of his older mistresses passes away and leaves him a priceless painting, that’s when the drama begins.

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