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The Chevy Bolt Beats Out the Tesla Model S For Electric Car Supremacy For October 2017

Tesla might be the name most associated with electric cars, as they’ve sold more of them than any other company as a whole. However, that wasn’t the case last month, as they were beat out by the Chevrolet Bolt for the best selling electric car of October 2017.

Over twice as many Bolts were sold last month than Tesla’s Model S, as per Inside EVs. According to those numbers, Chevy sold 2,781 Bolts followed by the Toyota Prius Prime, which came in second place with 1,626. The Model S fell to fourth with 1,120 vehicles sold, although the total number of any Tesla model bought by consumers was 2,115. However, Tesla has outsold all of its electric car competition over the entirety of 2017 with 20,570 cars sold, with the next highest being the Bolt with around 17,000.

This is largely due in part to the costs of each vehicle. After taxes, the Bolt ran consumers up to a price of around $30,000. While the Model S might be considered a higher-end car, it starts at $94,000, making it far, far less affordable to the average car customer. Tesla’s Model 3 is more affordable than the Model S as it starts at $35,000, but the company has hit some snags in its production. Back in July, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised to have 1,500 Model 3s ready to go by September 2017, but that number only managed to reach about 260. Musk now says that they won’t be able hit 5,000 Model 3s until March of 2018.

As a whole, electric cars are really taking off in US markets, with October being the 25th straight month in which the purchasing of electric cars has increased over the previous month. Over 157,000 total electric cars have been sold this year, which makes for a 30% increase from 2016 with still 2 months left to go in the year.

[via Mashable]

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