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‘The Commuter’ Trailer: Liam Neeson Is Done Chasing Kidnappers, Now Battles The Dangers of Public Transportation

Liam Neeson is once again starring in another action Thriller. And from the looks of the trailer it doesn’t seem that we’ll be in for another Taken movie.

The upcoming movie The Commuter, which will hit theaters Jan. 12, 2018, has the Taken star pairing up with director Jaume Collet-Serra once again–for the fourth time to be exact. This upcoming intense mystery thriller, is set on a speeding commuter train, where insurance salesman named Michael (Liam Neeson) finds himself caught up in a dangerous criminal conspiracy.

From the look of it Michael is is just a normal guy- not a former government operative, a role we’re used to seeing Neeson play.  Michael rides the train everyday to New York City for the past decade, a routine that has never been disrupted. Until one day a woman decides to sit by him ( out of all the empty seats in the car) and asks him one question which sends his life spiraling into chaos.

The mysterious woman is played by Vera Farmiga, who asks him to find the passenger on the train who doesn’t belong. What seems like a harmless psychological game, turns into a deadly race against time for the insurance salesman.

Neeson and Collet-Serra have worked on several movies together such as 2011’s Unknown, 2014’s Non-Stop, and 2015’s Run All Night. As the two were searching for their fourth project to work on together, they came across The Commuter’s script, and were attracted to it due to its similarity to Non-Stop--which was set on a moving plane.

“We just like to tell the same stories,” Director Colleta-Serra states. “Obviously, he does other types of movies, and I do other types of movies as well. But we really like to have a movie once in a while where we just do what we like. And what we like is a very tight thriller. Something Hitchcockian and fast-paced, with good actors in it and good dialogue and an interesting premise. It’s sort of like a little puzzle for the audience to solve. He enjoys those kinds of movies, I enjoy those kinds of movies, and we enjoy making them together.”

Well apparently Neeson has gone from chasing down kidnappers, to now taking on the dangerous and unforgiving world of public transportation. Wether it’s a train, plane, bus, or a taxi cab you best believe Liam Neeson can make an action packed thriller out of it.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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