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The Evil That Keeps on Taking: Walmart is Closing 63 Sam’s Club Locations, Firing Thousands of Employees in the Process

Walmart has announced that they will be shutting down 63 Sam’s Club stores throughout the US, turning 10 of them into e-commerce distribution site. 8 stores were closed on Thursday, with the remaining 55 all closing within the next couple of weeks.

The announcement came on the same day that the Walmart association said that they would be raising its starting wage for its US workers to $11 per hour and dealing out one-time cash bonuses. Yeah, they raised wages a bit, but also essentially fired thousands upon thousands in the process. Not shady enough for you? The Walmart official who made the announcement wished to remain anonymous because they weren’t authorized to talk about it. What???

The official said that they weren’t sure of exactly how many jobs would be lost and that some of the fired workers would be re-hired to the e-commerce distribution sites or other Walmart locations, but they’re still robbing a ton of people of what little livelihood Walmart provided to them in the first place.

So yeah, it doesn’t look like Walmart plans on dropping out of the race for the America’s Most Evil Corporation Award any time soon.

[via CBS7]

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