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The First Image From ‘A Star is Born’ Confirms Lady GaGa is Illuminati

Lady GaGa is the lead in the latest version of A Star is Born, co-starring and directed by Bradley Cooper, who joins her in an intimate moment from a set photo that she just posted on Instagram:

If you happen to be at Coachella, you can even be in the movie yourself, and Deadline notes that GaGa will be credited by her given name, Stefani Germanotta, for the film. But I think the real story here is the shape that the “Telephone” singer is holding her arms in.

That V pose is a clear Illuminati triangle, thus revealing GaGa’s true colors (not that they haven’t been clear already). Now, some people may avoid Illuminati influence at all costs, but not me. I lap it up! Show me the wonder of your Illuminati ways, A Star is Born (which is currently scheduled to hit theaters September 28, 2018)!

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