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The First ‘Logan’ Trailer is Out, and It Could Just Be the Best X-Men Movie Yet


Wolverine is the most popular and most interesting of all the X-Men, and Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of him is iconic, but his solo films have always been a struggle to get right. 2009’s X-Men Origins – Wolverine is an embarrassment, while 2013’s The Wolverine is fine, but unremarkable. The upcoming Logan, however, looks poised to turn that all around.

Logan looks promising because it combines some of the best features of previous X-Men movies, while simultaneously looking nothing like any of them. It is based on an acclaimed story from the comics (“Old Man Logan,” written by Mark Millar), and Wolvie is paired up with complementary characters (Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and female Wolverine clone X-23). Plus, with this set to be Jackman’s last time popping the claws onscreen, there is the exact sort of apocalyptic vibe that only the X-Men flicks can pull off so dramatically.

Logan is scheduled for a March 3, 2017 release. Watch the trailer below.

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