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The ‘Game Night’ Teaser Trailer is Quite a Game of Chance

CREDIT: Warner Bros. via YouTube

Game night just got real in the official trailer for Game Night. The preview begins with the rules of the game being explained to each of the players, as Brooks (Kyle Chandler) is kidnapped by a group of men mid-sentence. The players, consisting of Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman, and Jesse Plemons (just to name a few), idly stand by as Brooks is dragged out of the house, assuming it is simply part of the game.

They then follow a series of clues as twists unravel, and the truth of the matter comes to light – it isn’t simply a game anymore. They are in real danger. The film seems to make attempts to mask the imminent danger with comedic value sprinkled throughout the plot.

We’ll see how this fares upon Game Night‘s release on March 2, 2018. As of now I’m declaring it as a film that risks being a huge miss at the box office, but only time will tell.

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