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‘The Gifted’ “eXtreme measures” Review

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Three years ago, Thunderbird and Polaris meet with Eclipse at a diner. They ask him to join the Mutant Underground. He says they don’t understand his situation, and that its complicated because of his relationship with Carmen. Thunderbird impresses on Eclipse that, with the X-Men gone, it’s up to them to protect mutants.

In the present, Eclipse continues his conversation on the phone with Carmen. He tries to wiggle out of going to help her, but Carmen insists. She expects to see him tomorrow. Eclipse hangs up and looks at a charm shaped like the grim reaper.

Thunderbird holds a strategy meeting with the others. They need supplies, so Eclipse offers to go to Marietta to get some. Sage and Reed are working on cracking the hard drive from Baton Rouge. Thunderbird says he’s going out to search for Blink. Polaris offers to go with Eclipse, but he tells her to stay and continue training the younger mutants.

On the roof of the Underground hideout, Wes is trying to impress Lauren using his powers. He has her close her eyes then lifts her arms. When she opens them, he’s created the illusion that they’re flying over a river winding through the mountains. They’re about to kiss when Andy interrupts them.

At lunch, Andy tells Caitlin that he found Lauren on the roof, and then tries to cover it up. Caitlin gets on to them about not taking their schoolwork seriously, and demands they finish their papers for tomorrow.

Sage uses her computer-like mutant brain to scan the hard drives and notices that, while the first is like a shopping list of profiles for wanted mutants, the second has much deeper encryption. The mutants on the first drive seem to be Sentinel Services cherry-picking mutants based on the powers they want. Reed looks through the files and finds one that seems to be a match for Wes.

At the Sentinel Services offices, Jace Turner continues to struggle with the grief over losing his daughter. He meets with Dr. Roderick Campbell. The surveillance program Sentinel Services has been using is not working. Campbell wants to be more direct and deploy the Hounds more in the field. Turner doubts that they’re suitable for undercover work, but Campbell reveals they’ve already been used in a prison program.

Eclipse arrives at Carmen’s place and trades a terse back and forth. Carmen tries to tell Eclipse that they could help each other.

Caitlin teaches some young mutants about biology using some pea plants, which were used in the past to study how traits like the X-gene were passed down. She’s interrupted by Reed, who tells Caitlin about what he found out about Wes. Caitlin tells him to talk to Lauren first and not go on the attack.

Polaris has her training class blindfolded and is throwing tiles at them. Reed enters the room and pulls Andy aside. Andy says he doesn’t know where Lauren is, that they just said they were leaving and not to say anything.

Blink is squatting in an abandoned building. Thunderbird finds her there. He apologizes for what Dreamer did to her and tries to convince her to come back. He says it’s for her safety but also admits that it’s because she’s valuable to the Underground. She says she has other things to look into. She wants to find out why she kept opening portals to that one country road when she was sick. Thunderbird offers to help.

Sentinel Services gets a visit from the Department of Justice. She scolds them for the legal implications of their recent initiative. She tells them that Campbell’s program legally does not exist. She tells them to scrap the program, but Turner refuses.

With training finished, Polaris asks Shatter about Eclipse, but he isn’t back yet. She calls the Mutant Underground cell in Marietta, but they say they have no supplies and haven’t seen anyone all day.

Polaris pulls Dreamer aside and talks to her about Eclipse. She searched their room and found Eclipse’s medallion gone, which tells her that Eclipse has gone back to the cartel.

Carmen wants Eclipse to help with a shipment of drugs. She says after that they’ll be through and even offers to pay him.

Lauren returns and her parents talk to her. Reed shows Lauren the file he has on Wes. She doesn’t believe it’s him. She argues with Reed and then storms away.

Thunderbird and Blink struggle to find her road. Blink dismisses the whole thing, but Thunderbird suggests she may be able to find it again by instinct. He asks her where she felt safe.

The woman from the Department of Justice holds a meeting with Campbell, Turner, and Sentinel Services about the legal arguments against mutants. She dismisses Turner’s arguments that mutants don’t have the same legal rights as other American citizens. The Hound that travels with Campbell uses his powers to give the woman a stroke.

In his car, Campbell gets a call from Turner, who wants an explanation of what happened. Campbell insists it was a medical incident, but Turner suspects it was something else. Campbell seems determined to push ahead despite Turner’s concerns.

Sage and Reed continue to work on the drives. Reed asks Sage about how she evaluates potential new entries into the Mutant Underground. She tells him about their criteria and that someone caught lying would be asked to leave.

Lauren finds Wes and asks him about the file Reed showed her. Wes admits it is his file, but explains that he had to live that way after his parents kicked him out. He joined a criminal group to survive.

Eclipse prepares for the cartel job by putting on a bulletproof vest. Eclipse insists he’s changed since he worked for the hotel, but Carmen believes his change of heart is all about Polaris. Another mutant, Lodo, will go on the job and deal with the guards.

Blink recounts some of her past to Thunderbird, saying she lived in a group home but eventually ran away. They come upon the farmhouse, and Thunderbird gets a flash of soldiers arriving at the home. The place is sealed off by Sentinel Services. They break in and find it abandoned, with bullet holes in the back door and blood stains on the floor.

Polaris and Dreamer arrive at Carmen’s home. Polaris uses her powers to deal with the guards. She asks them where Carmen and Eclipse went. The guard refuses to tell, so Dreamer uses her powers to get it from his mind.

Caitlin finds Reed, who is upset as Lauren seems to be avoiding him. Caitlin advises that right now Lauren needs a father and not a prosecutor.

Reed finds Wes and talks to him. Reed tells Wes about how his views on law and society have evolved recently. Wes says he knows what he did was wrong. Reed lets Wes know that he hasn’t told the Underground about Wes’s past, and leaves that decision to Wes.

Thunderbird tells Blink that it looks like everyone there died defending the other mutants. Blink feels a new commitment to the Mutant Underground’s cause.

The cartel group begins their attack on the Russian drug shipment. Lodo freezes the Russian guards in place. Eclipse marches past them and uses his powers to set the drugs on fire. Polaris and Dreamer arrive in time to see Eclipse in action and Carmen kissing Eclipse on the cheek. Polaris just turns away and tells Dreamer its time to go.

Back at the Mutant Underground hideout, Eclipse returns and apologizes to Polaris for being late. He lies about where he’s been. She takes his medallion off his neck. Eclipse tries to explain what happened. He says he didn’t know how to tell her. She remains angry.

Wes knocks on the door while the Struckers are eating dinner. He tells them that he told Sage and the others about his past. They decided to allow him to remain as part of the Mutant Underground, but he’s leaving to join a group heading to Augusta.

Thunderbird and Blink return to base. Eclipse gets a text from Carmen telling him he did good work. The next day, Wes loads up the group’s van to head to Augusta, but Lauren finds him and kisses him before he leaves.

Sage tells Reed and Thunderbird that she got into the second drive, which has information on mutants chosen for the Hound program. Pulse was among the first. The program isn’t government funded, but a private military contract with Trask Industries. Reed says Trask Industries shut down in 2006. He knows because his father worked at Trask Industries for 35 years.

Campbell expresses how excited he is about sending Hounds into the field. Campbell shows Turner an entire room of mutant Hounds.

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