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‘The Greatest Showman’ Trailer: The Circus Will Change the World

In case you didn’t know, you might be interested to learn that Hugh Jackman is playing P.T. Barnum in a movie arriving in time for Christmas this year, entitled The Greatest Showman. He’s going to put together the circus, and by the looks of the latest trailer, this assemblage of wild entertainment will change hearts and minds and make the world a better place.

This looks like a movie that might be getting a bit of an Oscar push, but it is worth noting that if Hugh Jackman does get a nomination this year, it should really be for Logan. To be fair to Greatest Showman, though, I haven’t seen it yet, so maybe it will turn out to be really great. It does star Hugh Jackman, after all. (Both films are both Fox releases, interestingly enough.)

The Greatest Showman also stars Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, and Rebecca Ferguson and comes out December 20. Watch the trailer below:

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