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The Holdout is Over: Future Toyota and Lexus Models Will Feature Apple’s CarPlay

With their announcement of the 2019 Avalon at North American International Auto Show, Toyota indicated that the new model will include Apple CarPlay. According to AppleInsider, the 2019 Avalon will be the first Toyota car to feature CarPlay after the company held out on incorporating the program into their vehicles. In fact, in a 2015 comment to The New York Times, national manager of Toyota’s advanced technology communications John Hanson indicated that the company “prefer[red] to use our in-house proprietary platforms for those kinds of functions.” Well, it looks like they’ve changed their mind.

The incorporation of CarPlay into other future vehicles was confirmed by Toyota in a comment to MacRumors, with the company saying that 2019 models from both Toyota and Lexus which already plan to run Entune 3.0 (Toyota) and Entune 2.0 (Lexus) infotainment systems will also feature Apple CarPlay. However, whether or not 2018 models which already run these systems will incorporate CarPlay is unclear as of right now.

Drivers of the 2019 Avalon will be able to interact with Apple CarPlay via a 9-inch touchscreen. They’ll also be able to incorporate Toyota Remote Connect, which integrates the car with the driver’s smartwatch or Amazon Alexa assistant, making it so that drivers can do things like lock their doors or start their car using their smartwatch or Alexa.

[via The Verge]

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