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‘The President Show’ Gets Deep Into The Psyche of Trump as He Takes “The Presidents Fitness Test”

In this clip from Comedy Central’s The President Show, we watch Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) take a mental fitness test … well, more like psychological test, to see if he’s fit to be president.

This evaluation definitely gets pretty deep into Trump’s psyche. He describes his feeling of being left out because he had to wait in line to get into Studio 54 and never got to do coke off of Twiggy, or how his “mommy” had the toughest hair, “You could throw a rock at it, it would bounce right off.”

As Trump continues to go deeper into his psyche recounting some pretty weird stuff with images similar to Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” music video playing on the screen, the psychologist, Dr. John Gartner, finally concludes that Trump is a complete narcissist. The president takes this news in a positive way though, asking, “Are you saying that my behavior is out of my own control because I’m so divorced from my own personality?”  “Exactly,” Gartner responds. “So that means I’m not responsible for what I do?” “No, that’s not what I’m–” “Wow, thanks, doc! That’s a perfect diagnosis.”

Trump then goes out into the street screaming that he’s crazy and can’t be held responsible for what he does. He then takes this new justification for his behavior around the town, first punching Mike pence, then stealing a stuffed animal from a child, and then robbing an old woman all the while screaming, “I’m crazy!”

As funny and silly as this episode is, it is supposed to bring to light how impulsive and self-absorbed our actual current president is. His actions and words have at many times threatened the lives of American citizens, yet he is never truly held accountable for his behavior.

I was laughing the whole time while watching the video, but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel a bit troubled by how accurately the show depicts Trump, who is the president of the country that I live in. That a person this unstable has been given so much power, and the responsibility to lead a nation.

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