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The Price on This Three-Wheeled Electric Car Will Blow You Away

Electric cars are becoming a bigger and bigger deal every day, but it can be kinda tough to tell them apart from their gas-powered counterparts just from looking at them, right?

Crowdfunded auto startup Sondors is looking to change that in 2019 by releasing a three-wheeled car, ideal for commuters with less miles to travel but looking to be a bit more eco-friendly than they already are. While its range won’t be as long as some of the other electric cars on the market (with battery packs available to provide 75, 150, or 200 miles per charge according to Electrek), its price is what really sets it apart, as it can be yours for only $10,000.

That’s right: $10,000 for a brand new electric car. Damn.

If funding continues as it is projected to, we should be seeing this awesome piece of machinery within two years. For now, though, check out a video of what it should look like on the roads when the time comes.

[via Mashable]

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