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The Release of Prince’s New EP, ‘Deliverance,’ Just Got Shut Down by a Federal Judge


If you wanted to listen to some new Prince music, you’re shit out of luck.

After his death, it was known that Prince had a trove of unreleased music. Then, an EP of unreleased Prince music dubbed Deliverance, was supposed to be released but now, that’s not happening either.

According to a federal judge, new Prince music won’t be released until early May at the earliest.

Before Deliverance, an EP of unreleased Prince music recorded between 2006 and 2008, became available for preorder on Amazon, Apple, iTunes, and Google Play. Then Prince’s estate had filed a lawsuit against Rogue Music Alliance producer-engineer George Ian Boxill for releasing the music.

According to the suit, Boxill had to right to release the music. And Deliverance, which was supposed to be released on Friday, is now on hold.

The suit also says Boxill is refusing to return the master tracks of the Prince songs that would be on the EP.

According to TMZ, a federal judge agreed, demanding Boxill turn over the recordings, putting a restraining order on the music until May 3 and delaying the release of Deliverance for who the fuck knows how long.

The album has been removed from online streaming services.

[via TMZ]

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