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The Top 5 Reasons Why I Stopped Watching the NFL

For many years, my Sundays were dedicated to football. However, after Colin Kaepernick was left unsigned this offseason while less talented quarterbacks were able to get on a team, I decided to give up on the NFL. However, while Kaepernick’s situation was a huge factor in me giving up on pro football, other things came into play as well. So, here are the top 5 reasons why I stopped watching the NFL.


Matt Schaub, Kellen Clemens, Josh McCown, T.J Yates, and Ryan Fitzapatrick are just some of the 42 free agent signal callers who have been signed since the former 49er opted out of his contact to become a free agent.

It makes no sense that Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Gareon Conley, Joe Mixon, Ray Lewis, Brandon Marshall, and Josh Brown were given second chances but a guy who took a team to two NFC championships (and one Super Bowl appearance) couldn’t find another job.

Lewis was involved in murder case back when he playing for the Ravens in 2000 but the organization and the city of Baltimore stood by the linebacker. He retired in 2012 and is enjoying second career as a NFL sport analyst. His murder trail is barely bought up.

Peterson served two years of probation for misdemeanor charges due to “reckless or negligent injury” to his young son. The running back hit his child with a tree branch on his legs, genitals, ankles, and buttocks that left marks that a doctor called “extensive” in 2014.

Marshall, Conley, Hardy, and Mixon all have a history with domestic violence history but teams were willing to look past that.

So, child abuse, domestic/gun violence, drugs, and other crimes are okay in the NFL but a player who was peacefully protesting for a good cause is seemingly being blackballed by the NFL and its owners. I’m not okay with that.

Why Can’t Anyone Figure Out What a Catch Is?

Can the NFL please finally fix this during the offseason? For the past couple of years, it seems that there have been at least two or three huge catch controversies. There was the Dez Bryant one in 2014 Divisional playoffs (that was a catch by the way), the awesome catch TD by former Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson that was overturned in 2010, the Michael Crabtree that was ruled incomplete because he was pushed out of bounds (2015), and also the Odell Beckham Jr., just to named a few. I must add the Steelers tight end Jesse James TD catch that wasn’t because the ball hit the ground, even though the receiver maintain control of the ball throughout.

It is impossible to understand the NFL catch; don’t matter how many times I read it or heard someone explain it. Even the league doesn’t know half the time, which is a big reason why I stopped watching.


How in the world do players get different punishment for the same crime?

Ray Rice got a two-games suspension back in 2014 for knocking out his fiancee in a elevator, Hardy got four games, Cowboy’s Ezekiel Elliot was hit with six, and former Giant kicker Josh Brown first got hit with one game then six. All  the suspension were for domestic charges or allegations.

If the NFL is truly serious about this issue, then there needs to be clear set of rules for players who are involved with theses cases.

The inconsistency when handing out these penalties is a such a head-scratcher.


I believe that the league cares more about money, ratings, and wins than player’s safety because if they did this wouldn’t be on my list.

A few days ago, I saw the video of the hit that Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton suffered. I saw the look on his face and it seemed like he didn’t know where he was. But Newton was only out of the game for a few minutes and it didn’t look like the team when through all the steps of the concussion protocol. I understand that it’s a playoff game and Newton is the franchise guy but the heath and well-being all NFL players should be handled more seriously. Teams need to be penalized if they aren’t doing their best to protect its players.

It may take an NFL player dying on the field due to a vicious hit for the league to open their eyes, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

The Power of Roger Goodell

I understand that the title of the NFL Commissioner comes with a certain amount of authority, but Goodell being the only decision-marker when it comes to player’s punishment isn’t good for the league. He has shown an inability to be fair and consistent. I don’t know why the league can’t have a panel of former players, coaches, referees, and other experts to help him make better choices.

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