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‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Lament the Death of [SPOILER ALERT]


Okay AMC people, time to discuss our favorite show since the departure of Breaking Bad. We’re still reeling from December’s midseason conclusion of The Walking Dead, and boy, what an episode. For those of you who missed it, don’t read ahead, because, spoilers.

A lot has happened in Season 8 so far. We saw the destruction of the Kingdom. We endured the blowing up of Alexandria. And now, as the season reaches its’ midpoint, we see Carl get bit by a zombie. We’ve learned enough from this show to know what this means: Bye-bye Carl.

As many fans got loud about this, I beg the question: are you really surprised? We’ve had so many upsets and characters losses that at this point it should be expected. Remember when Nicholas died and we thought that Glen was gone too? But he wasn’t! And then later, he DID die. It’s just another nod from the show that they’re not scared to kill people off.

According to showrunner Scott M. Gimple, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly for their TWD cover this week:

“Carl’s presence is felt very deeply throughout the story. It’s a critical aspect of the season.”

Our hearts go out to Rick, who has suffered enough throughout the series. But we’ll have to see what happens come the midseason premiere on February 25.

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