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There Could Very Well Be a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion with the Ghost of Jen

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The Dawson’s Creek season finale is fifteen years in the wind, but we haven’t forgotten, and the idea of reunion is not such old news that it doesn’t rouse the attention of many devoted fans of the.

In Entertainment Weekly‘s cast reunion, Michelle Williams said that if that day ever does come (and it is a BIG if) she would be more than down to play the ghost of Jen, her character who was sadly killed off: “It would be so funny to be a ghost and like show up in people’s dreams.”

When asked about the choices they made, the ending of the show, and the killing off of a beloved character, creator Kevin Williamson had this to say:

“I guess I feel neither here nor there about it. It was essential for one of the four main characters to die so that the others could come out of their shells… I thought if we kill Jen that’s going to force our other three into action… If they haven’t made a decision, they’ll be forced to make a decision. Nothing will make you contemplate your future faster than knowing you might not have one. So, I chose Jen as a way for Joey, Dawson, and Pacey to finally pull their lives together. And to thrust them into adulthood once and for all.”

[via Cosmopolitan]

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