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There’s a Viral Museum Doppelgängers Trend Happening and This is What the Internet was Made for

Tweet About Museum Doppelgängers Goes Viral

Part of the anthropological attraction to art is seeking a reflection of the self. Museums are full of personas and depictions worthy of comparison if not admiration. It helps to ease existential dread to know that you’re not unique, right? And nothing nurtures this sort of healthy narcissism quite like some comparative photography at your local museum. This week, a tweet compiling a series of photos involving museum doppelgängers caught the inter-web’s attention.

Loved from her stint on Stranger Things as the lovably tragic Barb, actress Shannon Purser got into the trend on Wednesday, striking a confident pose next to some painting I wish I had the art history degree to describe.

The thread, initiated by @cdaenerys, has been retweeted over a hundred thousand times and already been featured by The Indian Express and tentatively CBS. In a social media world full of glum, this seems something pure enough to save a modicum of our humanity, or at least improve museum patronage.

[via Mashable]

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