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Theresa May Reveals Her Naughtiest Thing She Has Ever Done and Its A Huge Disappointment

Everyone has one story to share with new friends when asked “whats the worst thing you have ever done.” Most people will say stealing when they were a kid, or disobeying your parents.

In Theresa May’s case, she does not live life on the edge after revealing her worst moment was running through fields of wheat as a kid. Calm down, Theresa, you’re a true vigilante.

This quick clip is not only funny, but it is so typical “proper English lady.” After being asked the question, you are expecting something juicy, funny, or surprising. Instead, we get a boring quip about a wheat farm. Farmers beware, you just may find May running through your field, without your permission (gasp).

Of course, Twitter did not hold back teasing May about her “naughty” deed. Here are some of the best ones:


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