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These Artists Are Using Human Blood to Create an Anti-Trump Painting

Image: VICE

Remember those naked Trump statues that appeared in five different cities last year? That was thanks to llma Gore, who is a member of the guerrilla art collective INDECLINE. And Gore’s artful anti-trump protests are about to get even more creative, as this next one involves actual human blood.

According to VICEGore hopes to use the blood of activists and artists to make a painting entitled RISE UP THY YOUNG BLOOD. The project begins with a blood drive on January 13, in which “high profile donors from the world of art, music, graffiti and activism,” will contribute up to a pint of blood each. While the location of the blood drive will only be revealed to confirmed donors, the artists plan to document the entire process.

Image: VICE

The painting will be loosely based on the American Flag, and will be on display at LA’s Samuel Freeman Gallery beginning January 15.

Image: VICE

“It’s important for Trump to know his actions will be met with resistance from the leaders of the art world,” INDECLINE told VICE. “It’s unlikely that he realizes how inspired most artists have become to fight back as a result of his gaining the presidency. We will be the shadow that follows Trump and provides the checks and balances our government fails to.”

[via VICE]

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