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These Eye Makeup Looks Inspired by Famous Works of Art Will Blow Your Mind

atupe eye van gogh

London-based aspiring makeup artist, Stefania Atupe, recreated some of her favorite paintings—on people’s eyelids. That’s right, using eye-makeup Atupe has recreated everything from Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Hokusai’s The Wave. And the results will stun you:

Atupe was inspired to recreate the famous works of art, after posting a photo of some of her peacock and zebra print eye makeup looks. “When I posted the peacock design onto twitter, a girl actually messaged me and said that it reminded her of a Van Gogh piece, and since I absolutely love Van Gogh I decided I would try out Starry Night,” she explained. Using a combination of various eyeshadows and Nyx colorful liners, Atupe went for it.

“I then just sat down and spent a good hour and a half just recreating the look, slowly outlining it and developing the colours! It took really long as there’s so many different colours, and I really wanted to try get all the same colours and patterns as in the original painting,” Atupe continued.

Pretty impressive!

[via Mashable]

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