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This 3-Year-Old Gymnast Will Make You Feel Incredibly Unaccomplished [VIDEO]


What were you doing at 3-years-old?

Personally, I was probably pooping in a potty-training bucket and crying about something. And if you sit their and claim you were some sort of child prodigy, there’s no way in hell you were about to do what this little girl can do.

Hell, I’m in my my mid-twenties and I still can’t do what she can. Don’t you hate it when kids are better at things than you are?

Emma Rester, 3, is one of a the most amazing gymnasts I’ve ever seen (like even out of grown-up gymnasts).

Emma went on The Ellen Show, where she told Elle Degeneres that she’s been practicing since the ripe age of two.  And if you’re a hater and aren’t into her gymnast skills, I’m sure her personality will win you over really quick.

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