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This Anti-Trump Bar Donates All Proceeds To Organizations Defunded by the Administration

Elite Daily

What better way to resist the administration than by drinking a bunch of delicious cocktails?! Ravi DeRossi, the owner of some of the most well-known bars in New York City, came up with a brilliant idea after the election: an anti-Trump bar. Not only will you have the opportunity to brood over the state of our country over drinks with a friend, but 100 percent of the proceeds from the money you spend will go to organizations either being defunded by Trump’s presidency, like the EPA or Planned Parenthood, or those fighting against his policies, like the ACLU.

The bar is appropriately named Coup and according to Ravi, the idea is to create a community and “turn our angst and despair about our current administration into something more positive.”

Elite Daily

Ravi, whose also the man behind popular NYC bars Death & Co. and Amor y Amargo, explains why he decided to open Coup,

“I feel like everyone should have a fair chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that’s what this country is based on. I feel like the current administration is doing its best to actually work in the opposite direction.”

What better way to take action than to embrace what he already does? Rather successfully, I might add.

“This is what I know how to do, I open bars,” explained Ravi. “Everyone wants to do something, and they can find something in their profession or hobbies. For me, this is what I know: drinking and complaining.”

Elite Daily

The bar, located at 64 Cooper Square, opened on April 14 and will stay open until Trump’s out of the White House. They offer “crowd-pleasing drinks” and a system that will ensure your cash goes to the organization of your choice: “After you pay for your drink, you’re given a small wooden token. Several jars will be in the bar, marked with several different organization names. You drop the token in the jar of whatever place you want to receive some money,” explains Elite Daily.

Ravi also tells the source that Trump supporters are welcome, “as long as they aren’t looking to cause trouble and are OK with their funds going to organizations fighting the administration they support.”

[via Elite Daily]

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