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This Architecture Will Make You Question Everything You Think You Know About Reality

I’ll be honest: I have, at certain times in my life, looked at a piece of art and thought, “I could’ve done that.” Sometimes, however, there are works of art where the effort itself is so grand that I’m left speechless. British architectural artist Alex Chinneck’s work gives me that feeling to an uncomfortable degree. I can barely finish cleaning my apartment without taking a break.

Chinneck likes to play with the confines of reality. These architectural wonders are optical illusions- but nothing you could find in a children’s activity book. Just take a look at this townhouse, which is loosely based on what I look like on my couch Sunday mornings…

If that’s a bit too existential for you, this frozen Christmas tree is just plain enjoyable (although I’m sure there’s a darkness to it that I’m choosing to ignore):

Chinneck likes to play with norms, taking what we’re used to seeing in architecture and altering the functionality, like this upside-down thatched roof that resembles a cheap umbrella on a windy day:

Chinneck seems to have a penchant for turning things upside-down (perhaps a Stranger Things fan, eh?), such as this car defying the laws of physics:

The way Chinneck destroys these architectural norms is really awesome to see. His first permanent installation is a London building with a rip down the middle:

Cries in untalented. You can view more of Chinneck’s seriously unbelievable work here. I’ll just be sobbing in the corner wondering if anything is real.

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