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This Cut-For-Time ‘SNL’ Sketch Starring Natalie Portman and Stepchildren Dolls Is Hilarious

CREDIT: NBC via YouTube

“Some kids’ gut instinct is to go dark. Why not embrace it?” That’s the hilarious focal point of this awesome SNL sketch that was sadly cut from last Saturday night’s episode.

As Cecily Strong as the narrator says: dolls are great but “not all kids want to be mommies.” That’s where the doll “My Little Stepchildren” comes in!

With “My Little Stepchildren,” kids can hide their stepchild’s birth certificate away in a little drawer, pretend to avoid questions from the stepchild about her biological parents, and even “stage a scene where the stepchildren get sent away to boarding school.”

Also, the little girl who stars in the sketch just oozes Wednesday Adams, and it is great.


Watch below!

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