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This DJ Slipped Prince Harry His Card to Get a Gig at the Royal Wedding and It Was Sly as Fuck

For a DJ who makes his living playing at all sorts of events, a royal wedding has to be the dream gig, right?

That had to have been what was going through Jevanni Letford’s head when he saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Reprezent Radio in London. Letford slipped Harry his business card as the prince was walking past in hopes of booking the biggest gig of his life.

When the British media caught wind of Letford’s super sly move, Good Morning Britain invited him onto the show to talk about his ideas regarding how he would make Harry and Meghan’s marriage the best royal wedding in history.

After the interview, tons of people took to Twitter to show that they want Letford to get the job. I mean, how you could not support the guy? He’s clearly awesome.

And just for good measure, Letford even created a petition to get him the gig of his life for all to sign, so even you can help him out if you want!

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