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This Janitor Vacuums Art Into the Carpet for Elementary School Students

The students at Woodbury School in New Hampshire walk into school each morning with their eyes on the floor. But not because it’s just another tired day. They are looking to see what Ron Munsey, the night janitor at Woodbury, has created this time.

So far they’ve found Charlie Brown, the White House, a jack-o’-lantern, a shooting star, and a witch flying on a broom—all vacuumed artfully into the carpet. Musey takes a few minutes each evening to vacuum images into the rugs. According to Cosmopolitan, he considers his designs a contribution to education because it helps the kids start their school day on a positive note. The kids are not only excited to see the creations, but according to Inside Edition, some even report back to their parents about the day’s design.

“I figured it would be a relaxing job,” Ron told Inside Edition. “I was vacuuming one day, we got a couple new rugs, and I thought, ‘You can do a lot with this.'”

Musey actually got the idea due to his love of the Red Sox. He observed the lines in the baseball field grass, and realized the rugs weren’t all that different. He calls the carpet his “mini Fenway Park.”

Assistant principal Dan Mitchell talked to ABC News about Muley’s inspiring artwork, explaining that it does more for the kids than just giving them something to look forward to in the mornings,

“His shift is when the kids are gone, so oftentimes they lack that connection between the night staff and the students here in the day,” said Mitchell. “It really drives home the point that there are so many people that come in here after you’re gone and they work so hard to make a safe, comfortable, and happy place for you to learn. He’s an employee of the school, but he’s a stranger to the kids so to take that extra time with these small gestures really drives home that personal connection.”

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