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This Mom Crocheted the ‘Golden Girls’ Cast and Saved Christmas

via Mashable

Must mothers do everything? It’s a great deal of pressure, but that’s never stopped maternal greatness from occurring. No time of year calls for more miracles than the Christmas season. Few miracles rank above crocheting. Just ask Dave Goodwin.

The ancient art of crochet, not to be confused with the more pedestrian practice of knitting, meets the classic geriatric grace of the Golden Girls as Mama Goodwin triumphs over internet hate and trolling to produce wholesome content which frankly, I wish own my Mom would emulate. All she ever did was pay my way through college…

Naturally, the Goodwin Family was quick to bombard their matriarch with requests for next Christmas. While we can all agree that this mother is doing more than her fair share, it is a little rude to be requesting gifts the day after Christmas.

[via Mashable]

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