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This Scale Doesn’t Exactly Tell You the ‘Shapa’ You, But It’s Still Pretty Useful

A startup company just released a scale that makes its best attempt to not hurt your feelings – and it’s powered by AI.

Known as Shapa, the scale pairs with Bluetooth, and via the Shapa app (available on Android, iOS, or Amazon Alexa) it keeps record of your weight, but doesn’t actually show you what your weight is.

The device instead shows a calendar showing how many times you’ve stepped on, and forgotten to step on the scale in the past week.

The app also sends reminders to step on the scale at least twice a day (as you’re supposed to in effort for it to function properly). For those that don’t exactly stick to diets this will seemingly come in handy, acting as a motivation of sorts for you to get in “Shapa.”

You’re probably asking, “well how exactly does the scale indicate that you’re losing weight?” That’s the purpose of most scales, right? Instead of your weight, the app displays your “Shapa Color.” The colors blue and green are used to indicate whether or not you’re losing weight while grey acts as an indication for you to step your game up.

The genius behind Shapa is that it doesn’t inform users of their exact weight in effort to not discourage them from continuing their diet. The device simply tells users whether or not they need to try harder.

There is also a “missions” feature included that indicates small changes you can make to your lifestyle in effort to further progress on your track to lose or gain weight. This is where the devices AI features come into play.

You’re presented with missions such as “eat something green with every meal,” or “eat dinner with no distractions.” You then inform the app whether you complete each mission.

Shapa then monitors which lessons work best for you and which aren’t, as well as the ones you’re completing. It then offers fewer of the missions that don’t.

While the app has some great features, it still needs to be perfected. The app takes at minimum 20 days of consistent weigh-ins to generate your first Shapa Color. Furthermore, it has trouble getting your weight when it’s wet, which way be bit frustrating for those that weight themselves after showering.

Shapa is currently available for $99 with a $7.95 subscription.

[via Mashable]

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