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This Surprise Conference Prank is Puts Tourists in the Spotlight in the Middle of New York City

“Sir! How do you respond to allegations that you drink milk directly from the carton?”

Improv Everywhere really knows how to take advantage of unsuspecting people’s naivety.

In their latest prank, dubbed the “Surprise Press Conference” the team a set up a fake press conference set on 5th Avenue on the steps of the New York Public Library. They then waiting for tourists to take a picture up at the podium before dozens of “reporters” ran up asking them hard hitting questions, such as “What’s your opinion on Netflix and Chill” and “Your metro card is about to expire. What are your plans?”

The prank also had a bit of a technology side to it. Charlie, from Improv Everywhere, writes, “Now that everyone has a smart phone in their pocket, anything out of the ordinary in public space becomes an Instagram opportunity. With this project the goal was to bait people into posing for a photo and then surprise them with much more than they thought they signed up for. You can approach our microphones and pose for a photo, but if you do, you’re going to have to answer some questions.”


Via Improv Everywhere

The way they pulled this off was that the “reporters” pretended to be standing in a nearby bus line, camouflaging themselves until someone approached the microphones. Then, they immediately peeled off of the bus line and rushed to the podium with questions in hand.


The prank winds up being not only delightful but a true test on what instincts kick in when people get ambushed by questions.

[Via Viral Viral Videos]

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