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This Tech Startup Is Lab-Engineering Chicken Fingers

via Instagram @MemphisMeats

San Francisco tech startup, Memphis Meats, announced at a press conference Wednesday that it has begun production of the world’s first “clean” chicken and duck meat. The meat will be made from self-producing cells, without the use of animals.

“We’re working on several different poultry products, many of them have not been publicly unveiled yet, but I can say we plan to enter market with products that play on classic American staples,” David Kay, a business analyst for the company, told MUNCHIES.

As of now they are working on a lab-engineered chicken finger, as well as some dishes on the fancier side, including duck à l’orange.

The company seeks to avoid “huge problems for the environment, animal welfare, and human health” that come with conventional breeding and killing of animals. “We’re developing a new method to produce the same delicious meat we’ve always loved—a method that doesn’t require raising and slaughtering animals,” explains the company’s Instagram bio.


In case this has you entirely freaked out, you have some time to get used to the idea. The lab-engineered meat won’t be here until 2021 at the earliest. And while they may initially cost more than what you’re used to buying, Memphis Meats hopes to reduce the price eventually.


“The goal is to eventually be even more affordable than conventionally produced meat,” Kay said. “But that won’t be right at 2021; it will likely take a few years.”

[via Complex]

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