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This Tinder User’s Powerpoint On Why You Should Date Her is Goals

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Dating is hard, but genius Tinder user Grace M. just hacked the whole system. The University of Kansas student decided to change up her online dating game by posting a six-point powerpoint on her Tinder profile entitled ” Why You Should Date Me By Grace M.”

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Speaking to The Daily Dot, Grace explained why she decided to get creative. “I had been having some bad luck on Tinder, and my profile was pretty boring because I was taking it too seriously and didn’t want to look ‘weird,'” she said. “I never really felt confident about my profile before, so I think it stopped me from standing out.”

Inspired by a guy on a different dating app with a powerpoint profile, she decided to go for it. “I’ve always been the ‘funny person’ in my life, so I decided to just take that and run with it.”

And so far, the method has proven effective. “My favorite response is when a guy sees that we share the same sense of humor, and then we get to talking and I find out he’s actually really cool,” Grace said. “He may not have swiped right if I’d had a ‘generic’ profile, so I’m really grateful for those connections.”

“I don’t take Tinder super seriously, but I do want people to know what I’m like from the get-go so some good conversations can happen instead of the same old bad pickup lines and boring ‘how are you’s.'”

Grace told The Daily Dot that she’s “still talking” to a guy a few weeks after they connected on Tinder, so looks like the powerpoint was well worth it.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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