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This Toy Blaster Will Give You a Whole New Way of Incorporating Virtual Reality Into Your Smartphone

Wanna get into virtual reality gaming but aren’t a fan of those giant headsets? If so, you should definitely check out the Merge 6DoF Blaster, a brand new toy gun that lets you hook up your smartphone to its top in order to play virtual reality shooters without the need for a headset.

The blaster tracks your movements, making it so that your point of view on the screen changes based on in which direction you’re aiming the gun. Merge has been showing off the device at CES this week, using a first-person robot-shooting game in order to demonstrate the technology the device offers. However, the game is just an initial testing program, as Merge plans on incorporating the device into other mixed-reality phone apps as well.

Merge plans on releasing the 6DoF Blaster to the public around the middle of 2018, so we’re still gonna have to wait a little while to get our hands on it. Until then, check out the video below in order to see the capabilities it showed off at the CES this week.

[via BBC]

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