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This Video Will Make you Fall in Love with Loading Screens

We’ve all had that rage inducing feeling: The wifi is at full capacity and but a very important email won’t send. Your service it at its peak and the video keeps buffering. You have maybe one tab open your faced with the spinning wheel of death. It’s the fucking worst, and the symbols to signify them are force us unload the once repressed memories where you were trying to load an important webpage but the wifi just didn’t come through.

Luckily, people unlike my rage inducing self, try to turn these rage inducing instances into pieces of art you can’t help but fall in love with.

In the stop motion short above, director/animator Raphael Vangelis shows us that loading screens ain’t so bad after all. In the description for the video, titled “Analogue Loaders,” Vangelis states that “I spend most of my life swearing at the computer because it’s crashed or isn’t working. Here, well known digital symbols are turned into something analogue and playful. The result is an homage to all the lost time we collectively spend in digital limbo in the hopes of sudden development on our screen.”

A homage, indeed.

[Via The Verge]

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