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Tim Horton’s has Released a Buffalo-Flavored Latte and I Have so Many Questions


Ever wanted to drink a chicken wing first thing in the morning?

No? Huh. Tim Horton’s was kind of banking on that.

Two Buffalo, New York Tim Horton’s locations will be offering the Buffalo Latte, a mocha espresso coffee drink kissed with a “bold Buffalo sauce flavor.” The drink is topped with whipped cream and a “zesty Buffalo seasoning” powder, and is believed by some Biblical scholars to herald the End of Days.

Buffalo’s WGRZ morning news team got a chance to sample the concoction, and their reviews were, let’s say, mixed.

“It’s like mocha with a kick,” they repeatedly intone, as though that makes everything okay again. As though that makes it right.

Still, the video is kind of cute. I’d love to know more about this news crew and what their relationships are like. They seem like they’re having fun in all this.

I almost feel like I shouldn’t even be writing about this Buffalo Latte. This is exactly what Tim Hortons wants, isn’t it? Attention. Even ridicule, they’ll take it. We’re playing right into their hands.

If, for some reason, you want to sample the accursed drink, travel to Buffalo and prepare to pay $2.79.

[via Mashable]

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