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Tim Tebow Surprised a Fan With Special Needs With an Impromptu Dance on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

tim tebow

Last night, on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, athlete Tim Tebow shared a prom dance with a special needs fan in the audience, and it’s as heartwarming as you think it is.

When asked about Tebow’s charity work, Fallon brought up an event run by The Tim Tebow Foundation, called “A Night to Shine.” The event is dedicated to putting on a prom for special needs children around the world. Tebow revealed that he had never been to a prom before, due to his budding sports career.

He then announced that he had been invited to prom by a young woman who went to “A Night to Shine,” and wanted to take her up on his invitation. Judy Adams, a special needs woman, joined Tebow on stage for a quick dance in what was easily a highlight of the show.

As someone with close ties to the special needs community, this was beautiful to watch. The highlight can be watched down below, and more information regarding “A Night to Shine” can be found here.

[via BroBible]

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