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Time Just Revealed Its Shortlist for “Person of the Year” and It Might Surprise You

During the Monday morning broadcast of NBC Today, Time magazine revealed its shortlist of 10 potential candidates for the cover of its annual “Person of the Year” issue. As is the case every year, it’s got the big American political figures you’d expect like Donald Trump and Robert Mueller, an abstract social movement in the #MeToo social media trend, a business mogul in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and entertainment personalities with strong sociocultural contributions such as Patty Jenkins and Colin Kaepernick.

The biggest surprise? North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who joins Xi Jinping and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as political figures representing countries around the world. If Kim Jong Un were to take home the title, it wouldn’t be the first instance in Time’s history in which their “Person of the Year” was a largely negative political figure, perfectly represented by the fact that Adolf Hitler was featured in 1938.

While the featured person is still up in the air, one thing is for sure, though: Trump would go absolutely ballistic on Twitter if Kim Jong Un were given the title over him. Or Colin Kaepernick. Or the #MeToo movement. Or anybody who isn’t Donald Trump, I guess (even though he said he doesn’t want it, on which I call bullshit).

Twitter users from all over chimed in to announce who they believe should be Person of the Year.

Even Fiona the Hippo got some well-deserved attention.

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