Time to Quit Your Day Job, Because this Company Will Pay You to Play Pokémon Go


Who said you needed to go to college to get a fulfilling career?

Time to quit your day jobs, folks, because I think we’ve found the best career opportunity out there: Pokémon Master!

Funzing.com is a marketplace with thousands of the most unique experiences around London, Singapore and Tel Aviv created by individuals, so, they decided to find the best Pokemon Hunter in the world to create the “best events to date.”

The job description entails, “Catching Pokemons, Training others on a daily basis, teaching secrets and tips and hosting lure parties, walks, raves and experiences.” The Pokémon Master position will last for at least three months, and is paid.

There’s no age requirement for the job, so you forever 11 year olds like Ash still have a shot.

[Via Mashable]



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