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Time to Smile: Laura Benanti as Melania Trump Returned to ‘The Late Show’

CREDIT: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

If you like to laugh, and you like it when that laughter comes from impressions of people who contort their faces in weird ways while attempting to smile, then chances are you have familiarized yourself with Laura Benanti’s Late Show appearances as First Lady Melania Trump. Thus, you might be interested to know that she checked in with the Ed Sullivan Theater once again last night.

Before welcoming Laura-Melania, Mr. Stephen Colbert set the tone by presenting footage of White House Christmas decorations, which he thinks might be more appropriate for a different holiday, specifically St. Gorland’s (spelling?) Feast of Human Bones.

Anyway, Laur-Mel was there to discuss “First First Lady” Ivana Trump and the holiday season. Her solutions to her current situation involve “smiling” (of course) and tying stockings together to travel up a chimney.

I chuckled a few times, and you might too, if you watch below:

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