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Time’s Up: 5 Women Called Out James Franco for Sexual Misconduct

Meh. Not really surprised.

Following a visit to The Late Show where he denounced sexual misconduct claims against him, James Franco is now being accused by 5 different women.

The allegations started when Franco attended the Golden Globes wearing a Time’s Up pin, a show of support for women who have suffered sexual abuse, harassment, and rape in the workplace. Franco got called out for wearing the pin when he himself has engagement in acts of sexual misconduct.

On The Late Show, Franco said the claims were not accurate and if he needs to make amends with anyone, he will.

Well, too late for that, buddy.

According to the Los Angeles Times, four of the women were students of Franco’s at various acting schools, while one said he was her mentor.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan, the women who tweet’s sexual allegation tweet went viral during the Golden Globes, told the Times that, while filming a nude orgy scene three years ago, Franco removed several actresses’ plastic guards covering their vaginas while simulating oral sex. 

Lastly, Violet Paley, says Franco pressured her into performing oral sex on him. After that though, she says they had a consensual sexual relationship.

Franco’s attorney denied each woman’s allegations to the Times. 

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