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Tinder’s Newly Acquired App Could Allow Video Sharing


Tinder is sometimes regarded as a seedy dating app when it comes to sharing pictures. With their new acquisition, Tinder’s seediness may grow into a full-on bush.

The popular swipe-based dating app recently bought the collaborative video messaging app Wheel. Similar to Snapchat’s “Live Stories,” Wheel lets users post videos to a public feed of videos with a theme. That’s right, Tinder is adding a video posting feature to their app. Why get unsolicited, vulgar pictures when you can get unsolicited, vulgar videos?

But no worries, there’s no need to prepare the Tinder tarmac for a series of helicopter landings just yet. Wheel’s features have potential as a natural extension of Tinder’s Social, the service introduced last July which connects friend groups as opposed to individuals. It goes without saying, but direct video sharing between romantic matches could make harassment harder to prevent. I mean… more difficult to prevent.

As Paul Boukadakis, Wheel co-founder and now Tinder’s VP of Special Initiatives, said the next step is for the service to “[bring] people together to create.” Create what is anybody’s guess: memories? Babies? Harassment lawsuits? With Tinder, any one of the above shouldn’t be ruled out.

While the idea of the dating app with video service is provocative, it has been done before. In January, Bumble introduced ten-second video stories that disappear after 24 hours. In the mean time, it is unsure when the video aspects of Wheel will manifest themselves as a part of Tinder.

[via Engadget]

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