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Today in Ouch: Blake Lively Injures Hand, Filming of ‘Rhythm Section’ Suspended

CREDIT: Sony Pictures

Blake Lively has injured her hand while filming her new movie The Rhythm Section in Dublin, Ireland. Will her hand’s size be doublin’ as well? Hopefully the swelling won’t be that bad.

Paramount Pictures (the film’s studio) has assured us that filming has been suspended until Lively recovers, which is surely the right course of action. You don’t want to be foolhardy and press on and risk infection or further injury.

The film, which is due out February 22, 2019, is based on Mark Burnell’s Stephanie Patrick thriller book series and stars Lively as Patrick, who works to uncover the truth about the plane crash that was orchestrated to kill her family. That sounds like a suspicious lack of sharks, which is never a good sign for a Blake Lively movie…

[via EW]

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